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Emile Gagna has been Macro-economist at Candriam since 2004,  where he started his career and has been working since. He has co-authored several books with Candriam economists Anton Brender and Florence Pisani, including The Macroeconomics of Debt: Europe’s Blind Spot (2021), Money, Finance and the Real Economy (2015), and The Sovereign Debt Crisis: Placing a Curb On Growth (2012).

He is also an instructor at the University of Paris Dauphine

Emile Gagna graduated from ENSAE with a Master’s in Economics and Finance, and also holds a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Social Science from the University of Paris Dauphine.

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Macro, Inflation, Emile Gagna

Euro zone: labour market still tight

As in the United States, the labour market is tight in the eurozone. However, the nature of the tensions is quite different.
Macro, Inflation, Emile Gagna

United States: job market still tight

Wage trends, reflecting tensions on the labour market, play an important role in the formation of prices, particularly for services.
Macro, Inflation, Emile Gagna

At the heart of inflation

On both sides of the Atlantic, inflation was undoubtedly an important theme throughout 2023.

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