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    Money Matters Again 

    Remember money market strategies? They’re back!  Once the latest rate hike is incorporated, money market strategies can offer yields above 4%!  A record path and close to a record return in money market strategies since 2001.  Money market strategies have regained their popularity as central banks have hiked rates in their fight against inflation.  
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Highlighted, Nadège Dufossé, Michel Le Bras, Outlook 2021

Stay the Course!

We expect positive, albeit lower, returns as economies continue to re-open.
Geoffroy Goenen, Outlook 2021

Is there an ESG bubble?

Which intangibles today support corporate value creation?
Koen Van de Maele, Outlook 2021

China A-share market: can we see the future?

China A-shares opened a way for international investors to participate in the world’s third largest stock market by market capitalisation (after New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq) with about 3,800 large, medium-sized and small listed companies

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