Investing in the Circular Economy. We are all plastic now.

Reduce, Recover, Recycle

Perhaps like us, you are a bit frightened about all the news stories and the statistics – the plastic ‘eighth continent’ in the Pacific Ocean, using our natural resources more rapidly than they can be replaced.

Can we promote change through finance? Obviously, this is our Conviction. But some basic digging and academic exploration may be in store for us first.


How round is a circle?

If we want to reduce the plastic in our oceans, have clean water (in the right places!) and other natural resources, we have to transform the global economy into a circular economy.

To choose prudently, investors need to be able to measure, forecast and monitor. How circular is our economy?

And even more relevant to investment returns -- how do we measure the circularity of a company? Discover our innovative and adaptable circular scoring framework.

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  • David Czupryna
    David Czupryna
    Senior Portfolio Manager
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Re-sourcing our planet

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