Capturing the growth potential of structural trends

We have identified four long-term megatrends – Health, Environment, Technology and Demographics – that have a major influence on all geographies and all sectors, and a significant impact on a range of companies. We translate these into investment strategies that seek to make the most of each trend through scientific expertise and deep industry knowledge.


Rudi Van den Eynde
Head of Thematic Equity
Megatrends are the common drivers that have an impact on all companies. Thematic strategies allow us to pick up on growth in sustainable capital, over and above sectors and regions.


Taking a step back

In a constantly changing world that faces multiple challenges, promising technologies may still be in their infancy, but they may offer solutions that will make a difference in five years' time. It is important to consider companies that are not yet profitable but whose scientific, technological and commercial prospects will create value in the light of megatrends.


Going the distance

We want our management to make a positive contribution to societal challenges. Our strategies on the fight against cancer or climate change or on the circular economy, for example, are distinguished by a "double impact" approach: impact through our investments in companies that provide solutions to fight cancer or climate change or to preserve the environment; and impact through the donation of part of our income to research institutes or associations working on these themes via the Candriam Institute for Sustainable Development.


Building products dedicated to each theme

We offer a range of purely thematic strategies in international equities. Each investment universe is carefully defined, but can go beyond sector boundaries to encompass the entirety of the target theme, with little overlap between different strategies. This gives our clients the flexibility to select funds by theme or to build a multi-theme portfolio, depending on their needs.

Figures are worth a thousand words. 

+ 20 years

years of experience in managing thematic equity funds €12bn AuM


Thematic Global Equity strategies


megatrends: demographic evolution, healthcare and wellness, climate change, resource depletion and technological breakthroughs

 + 20 years

years of experience in managing thematic equity funds

High-precision management

Our filter allows us to have a portfolio dedicated to the investment theme. Based on our fundamental equity research, we analyse and score each shortlisted company on five criteria: management quality, underlying growth, competitive advantage, value creation, and financial leverage.


Selecting powerful themes

We have chosen themes in which we have strong convictions - innovation, the circular economy, the fight against cancer, healthcare, robotics and new technologies, demographics. Because they offer growth and a potential for significant long-term returns. Because they are at the heart of history in the making and give meaning to the investment.


Understanding the risks

The thematic management universe is a source of many opportunities and risks. The integration of ESG analysis into our fundamental process allows us to better understand the risks and opportunities associated with non-financial criteria.


Choosing based on convictions

Our biotech, robotics, demographics and other investment strategies give clients the choice to invest according to their convictions while hoping to generate robust performance over time.


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Main risks on Thematic Equity Strategies

  • Risk of loss of capital
  • Equity risk
  • Currency risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Concentration risk
  • Derivative risk
  • Counterparty Risk
  • Emerging market risk

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