Thibaut Dorlet
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Thibaut Dorlet

Senior Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager

Thibaut has joined the Asset Allocation Team in September 2020.

Before joining Candriam, Thibaut was working for Amundi. He began his career in Hong Kong as a Structured Product Engineer and then joined the “Inspection Generale” of Amundi where he audited the different subsidiaries & activities of the group. In 2015, Thibaut joined the Multi Asset Management division of Amundi.

He first focused on managing high net worth clients’ mandates of Société Générale Gestion (Amundi’s subsidiary) and then moved in the Institutional Multi asset management team of BFT-IM.

Thibaut holds a master in Asset Management from the University of Paris-Dauphine. He holds a CFA certification as well.

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