CRIS Investor

You can use CRIS to simulate an investment to meet, in turn, a given objective: prepare your retirement, finance a project or invest your savings. 

This is how it works

  • Set an objective
  • Specify an initial and/or monthly contribution
  • Determine your risk-sensitivity level
  • Select an investment simulation
  • Adjust the asset allocation using investment thematics
  • Receive the simulation by e-mail

Opt for responsible investment

CRIS gives you an objectives-based approach that takes into account the virtues of responsible investment. Because we’re convinced of the need for, and the relevance of, sustainable investment. CRIS was developed on the back of a wish to marry digital and clean finance by prioritising investment in SRI funds to jointly build a resolutely sustainable future.

CRIS Distributor

CRIS helps distributors/advisers offer clients the most relevant investment funds and solutions, save time, gain in efficiency and make the client experience more engaging.

This is how it works

  • Customised profiles and investment objectives for each final client 
  • Tools for viewing portfolios, risks and returns
  • Flexible investment universe
  • Customisable "user experience" that can be connected to your execution chain

Extended version of the adviser

With CRIS, your clients benefit from the combination of all digital resources with your expertise and advisory experience. Easily identify the allocation adapted to your client’s request, explain and recommend all available products, irrespective of their complexity, efficiently prepare meetings; evaluate portfolios, explain concepts, benefit from artificial intelligence to enhance your advisory abilities … CRIS simplifies the complex. It is a global solution available to help professionals help their clients.

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