David Czupryna, Highlighted, Nicolas Forest, Outlook 2020, Patrick Zeenni

Our experts take the floor

Happy New Year! Now, what are our experts’ wishes for 2020?
Climate Action, David Czupryna, Highlighted, Outlook 2020

Decarbonising your portfolio, a must in 2020

Involving investors in the fight against global warming is a good thing. But, in practice, how do we "decarbonize" a portfolio? Explanations by expert David Czupryna (Candriam).
Highlighted, Johan Van Der Biest, Outlook 2020

Should we clip the wings of the FANGs?

No need to introduce the FANGs to anyone. You are probably one of the billions of people that use Google Maps©, Instagram©, Netflix© or Amazon© on a daily – or minutely? – basis.
Equities, Highlighted, Nadège Dufossé, Outlook 2020

Can 2020 turn out as well as 2019?

What can we expect for the financial markets after a year that saw (at the time of writing) positive performances for asset classes across the board?
Highlighted, Outlook 2020

Will mankind digest the plastic soup ?

The 'plastic soup', the several billions of tons of plastic invisibly floating below the surface of the ocean, is a metaphor much less tasteful than it sounds.
Brexit, China, Highlighted, Outlook 2020

Mergers & acquisitions, a good way of creating value in 2020?

Will the pace of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) run out of steam one day? This is a legitimate question for investors to ask, as the past 5 years have seen a heavy M&A dealflow, which has created significant value.
Outlook 2020

What’s next for the European real estate cycle in 2020?

European real estate markets slowed in response to the wider slowdown in the real economy in 2018 and 2019, but rents continue to rise as supply shortage is now acute in a number of major western European cities.
Outlook 2020

The challenges to developing a European growth agenda...

Will the euro zone get stuck in a long period of stagnation? The question is worth exploring at a point where growth is at a standstill in Germany and Italy, while the euro zone as a whole has seen growth drop to under 1%...despite an all-time accommodative monetary policy.
Fabrice Cuchet, Outlook 2020

Is it reasonable to pay to lend money?

The world is a strange place right now. Investors are nervous about the US/China trade war while much of Europe is still struggling to sustain growth. At the same time, securities markets are on a tear.
Emile Gagna, Outlook 2020

Should we fear a recession in the US?

As 2019 draws to a close, growth in the US will be positive for the 10th year in a row, which is the longest continuous period of expansion recorded since the mid-19th century.
Highlighted, Nicolas Forest, Outlook 2020

Central banks are dead, long live central banks !

In its hit track 'Golden Brown', the British rock band 'The Stranglers' reminds us of the obvious: "No need to fight / Never a frown with golden brown." As the year draws to a close, it must be said that the financial markets were unable to withstand the 'golden brown' of central banks.
Outlook 2020, Vincent Hamelink

Outlook 2020 - Has Calm Been Restored?

2019 was marked by a significant slowdown in global growth. Our scenario for 2020: no recession, despite a slowdown in economic activity in the US and in China and sluggish growth in Europe.

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