Amazing technologies: the impact of 5G

In the not too distant future, remote surgery will enable patients from all over the world to have access to the best healthcare and doctors without having to travel thousands of kilometers. It is clear that the proliferation of 5G technology will have far-reaching consequences for many sectors, for many companies. Internet of Things, Autonomous Cars, Big Data, and Robotic Surgery will be key beneficiaries of this technological evolution. Investors should be well aware of this trend as it will unlock interesting investment opportunities.



We are experiencing a first taste of 5G as telecom operators around the globe are switching on 5G commercial networks and smartphone manufacturers are bringing their first 5G-enabling phones to market. The second wave of 5G will be the key driving force behind what is called massive Internet of Things. In the end 5G will take aim at blurring the delineation between wireline and wireless which requires significant infrastructure investments in the network core and small cell networks. Future 5G deployments will enable a variety of use cases in different domains such as smart cities, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive and energy management.


5G is and will be a source of revenue growth for many companies and these companies deserve to be on an investor’s radar screen for the coming years. The most evident companies can be found in the IT sector such as semiconductor companies, testing of 5G networks and network equipment vendors. As a second derivative, we would like to mention companies that are active in sensors, big data analytics, connectivity, microprocessors.


It is difficult to say when the “true” stand-alone 5G technology will be available exactly, but both customers and investors should be prepared for the take-off of this amazing technology.

  • Johan Van der Biest
    Co-Head of Thematic Global Equity

Investing in the Global Trends

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