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Absolute Return, Monthly Coffee Break

Short selling is back!

Financial markets took a breather over August.
Absolute Return, Monthly Coffee Break

Keep calm and carry on … trading

Looking back over the first half of the year, we can say that the bulls gained the upper hand over the bears.
Research Paper, Absolute Return, Johann Mauchand, Steeve Brument

CTAs throughout the business cycle : a form of economic rationality?

With the onset of the inflationary cycle and the change in central bank monetary policy, markets have entered a new paradigm, leaving investors uncertain as to the direction that markets will take next, and the timing of the transition into the next phase of the economic cycle.
Absolute Return, Monthly Coffee Break

“Lego House"

March was a challenging and volatile month, with investment sentiment going through a whole variety of shades in a single month.
Monthly Coffee Break, Absolute Return

Economic strength and inflation more resilient than expected

During February, economic and inflation data came in slightly above expectations, which helped cool the market down. Central banks reiterated the message that the market should expect monetary policy to maintain its course until we see significant signs that inflation is abating.
Monthly Coffee Break, Absolute Return

A message in a bottle …

2023 started out on the right foot for holders of financial assets, as the overall performance of equities and bonds was positive. However, a significant part of the financial community is bedazzled by the vigour of the rebound.
Absolute Return, Monthly Coffee Break

Don’t forget the DIVA

In 2022, the markets repriced risk premiums in financial assets, quickly adjusting to the inflation risk and to the interest rate hikes implemented by central banks that followed.
Absolute Return, Monthly Coffee Break

Relief rally heading into year-end

Although the economy continues to decelerate, equities staged a strong rebound during the month of October.
CTA, Absolute Return, Asset Allocation, Johann Mauchand, Research Paper, Steeve Brument

Smile! CTA convexity is not lost…

If the smile measures how the portfolio value reacts to changes in the underlying markets, then maybe we should measure the smiles – and this is what our investment team has been doing.
Absolute Return, Monthly Coffee Break

Race to the bottom

September was another very challenging month for investors. The market is subject to considerable uncertainty, with no clear evidence of the next step.
Absolute Return, Monthly Coffee Break

Nobody wants to fight the Fed

After a two-month period of improving risk appetite, the market started to head downwards in mid-August, influenced by the outcome of the Jackson Hole meeting. Jerome Powell’s hawkish tone obviously had a strong impact on the markets, but it was not the only strong driver. The deterioration of energy supply in Europe as we are quickly approaching winter is a cause for concern for industrial output, but also consumers, who will be facing record energy bills.
Absolute Return, Monthly Coffee Break

The year of the bear

As the investment community was slowly preparing for a well-deserved summer break, a higher-than-expected US CPI read revived fears that a recession might be around the corner. Uncontrolled inflation is pushing central bankers to continue raising the cost of capital, as the Fed did at its June meeting.
Absolute Return, Monthly Coffee Break

Drawing a line in the sand

Markets remain nervous, as investors perceive the Fed as being behind the curve in taking control over inflation. Rising prices are biting into consumer sentiment and savings, leading to decreasing growth expectations.
Monthly Coffee Break, Absolute Return

Brace for impact

There are currently so many headwinds to the economy that it is difficult to isolate THE driver that is having the biggest impact on deteriorating economic fundamentals in only a small paragraph.
Absolute Return, Monthly Coffee Break

Changing volatility regimes

The global economic outlook is foggy, and the start of the year has kept on adding additional layers of complexity.
Absolute Return, Monthly Coffee Break

Value has value again

January was a challenging month for investors.

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