A comprehensive due diligence at the heart of our approach

Our multi-management approach is the result of 19 years of experience

It was enriched along the years and entails:

  • defining clear objectives for our portfolios, mandates, and underlying funds;
  • a strict investment, operational and risk due diligence led by two independent teams.
  • in-depth qualitative analysis supplemented by quantitative tools.

We aim to know the inside and out of every fund. Beyond analysing numbers, we build a strong relationship with the managers we invest with.


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Absolute Return Multi-Management

Our mission is to build all-weather portfolios aiming to deliver returns in up and down markets. We have access to a broad universe of managers across geographies, asset classes and strategies. When we engage with a manager, we aim for a long-term partnership grounded in mutual trust and transparency. Understanding the performance drivers of each manager is key, not only for manager selection but also to better assemble funds in an uncorrelated manner. If volatility is not an issue, hidden correlation may be.

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Impact investing has a dual goal: generate a positive and measurable social and/or environmental impact, alongside a financial return. We invest in private equity funds whose managers share our values or in financial institutions which are aligned with our goals. Our task is important: finance projects which will positively contribute to a sustainable future. Therefore all stakeholders are aligned on common principles, and it is our duty to ensure both full transparency and outstanding integrity while selecting and allocating investments.

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