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Alix Chosson

Lead ESG Analyst – Environmental Research & Investments

Alix Chosson joined Candriam in 2020 as the Lead ESG Analyst for Environmental Research & Investments. 

Alix has thirteen years of experience as ESG Analyst in SRI research and portfolio management teams. She started her career at Amundi in 2010 and has more recently been sell-side ESG analyst at Natixis before joining in 2018 DNCA to contribute to the creation of the SRI team and range of funds. 

Alix graduated from Science Po Lyon with a master in economics and finance in 2010. In 2011 she obtained a Master in Portfolio Management from the IAE Paris 12.


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Alix Chosson, Marie Niemczyk, Climate Action, ESG

On the Green Brick Road to Net Zero: Candriam’s Climate Strategy

Our climate is changing faster and faster, bringing our world closer to disastrous social and economic consequences every year. We are reaching the tipping point on every planetary boundary, meaning that at the current pace, we will reach a point of no return in this decade, threatening the future of both our planet and mankind.
ESG, Marie Niemczyk, Alix Chosson, Article

Is Biodiversity an investment issue?

Investors who fail to consider biodiversity in their portfolios increase the global problem, in turn reducing the growth potential and increasing the risk to their own investments. These two connected systems chase each other in a downward spiral.
Alix Chosson, Outlook 2023

A "Slow Funeral March" for the Fossil Fuel Era

The Russian aggression against Ukraine not only killed tens of thousands and destroyed many towns, power plants and damaged grain production and trade. An unintended consequence of Putin’s actions has been an acceleration Europe’s energy transition. What better way to illustrate our interview with Alix Chosson, Lead ESG Analyst, Environmental Research & Investments, but with a funeral march from Wagner’s Götterdämmerung to mark the slow death of fossil fuels.
Q&A, Alix Chosson, Climate Action, ESG

It’s time for climate action

Human activity has been making our planet warmer since the mid 20th century. The scientific evidence supports this. Even more disastrous consequences of global warming are expected once temperatures rise to 1.5°C above their preindustrial era level, according to the IPCC(1) report. Today, the globe has warmed by almost 1°C. Time to ‘get cracking’!

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