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Benjamin Chekroun

Senior ESG Analyst voting and Engagement

Benjamin Chekroun has been an engagement and voting analyst with Candriam since 2020. 

He is responsible for ethics, human rights, and social engagements. Joining Candriam in 2018 as Deputy Head of Convertible Bonds, he spent almost two decades managing convertible bond portfolios and trading bonds, with experience in Asia, London, New York, and Paris.  

He holds a Masters degree in international business from the Weller International School in Paris. 

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Benjamin Chekroun, Research Paper, ESG, SRI

Human Capital Management in European Small and Mid-sized Companies: Analysing the Data

Despite constraints on both their human and financial capital, Small- and Mid-Sized companies (SMIDs) share similar business ambitions with their larger counterparts while competing for the same talent. They need talent to fuel their growth, yet that rapid growth can strain employees. Attracting and retaining talent, while simultaneously maintaining workforce productivity, poses a challenge.
Benjamin Chekroun, ESG, SRI, Facial Recognition, Sophie Deleuze, Research Paper

Facial recognition and human rights: Research Paper

It is estimated that one billion surveillance cameras are in operation[i]. The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) urge companies to respect human rights and correct abuses when they occur. They call on companies to conduct human rights due diligence to “know and show” they respect human rights through their own activities, and the activities directly linked to their products, services, operations, and through their business relationships.

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