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Vincent Compiègne

Head of ESG Investments & Research, Deputy Global Head

Vincent Compiègne is Head of ESG Investments & Research, Deputy Global Head since 2020.

Vincent Compiègne joined Candriam in October 2017 as one of the ESG Investments & Research team’s Senior ESG Analysts. In 2019, he was appointed Deputy Head of ESG Investments & Research. Holder of a master’s 2 in Economics and Finance from the Sorbonne, Vincent started his career at ERAFP, France’s first 100%-SRI pension fund, where he monitored the company’s mandates and drafted the annual SRI report.

He then moved to Bloomberg, where, as an analyst, his job was to update the system with ESG data (BI ESG and FA ESG functions). In 2011, Vincent joined AXA IM as an SRI Analyst of the Transport and Industrial Goods sectors. There, he monitored the development and follow-up of green investments, including AXA Group and AXA IM’s Green Bonds.

His brief was to develop a methodology for analysing these investments, work on the inception of a series of funds and establish relations with the issuers and banks to elicit their engagement.

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Outlook 2023, Vincent Compiègne

Private Debt & ESG: small companies, big (data) challenge

ESG data – its availability, relevance and comparability - is at the center of a wide industry debate which is even more lively for private markets. We discuss three ways to deal with this issue, and reemphasize the central role of due diligence in the ESG analysis process.
ESG, Research Paper, SRI, Vincent Compiègne

Capital Goods companies: enablers of a low-carbon economy

Dull, boring, capital goods? Not at all! These companies are the next new thing in our Climate fight. As developers and providers of a wide range of components and automation products, capital goods companies develop the often un-seen products to reduce energy use and other sources of Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHGs).
ESG, Fixed Income, Research Paper, Vincent Compiègne

Sustainable bonds: focus on outcomes

Sustainable bonds are increasingly used to fund specific environmental and social projects, and other sustainable activities. The growth of the sustainable bonds market has been underpinned by issuance from central and regional governments, supranational organisations and corporates.
ESG, Research Paper, SRI, Vincent Compiègne, Lucia Meloni

Cryptocurrencies and ESG: a contradiction in terms?

For more than a year, markets – and investing Millennials in particular – seem unable to get enough of either ESG investments or cryptocurrencies.
Vincent Compiègne, Outlook 2021

Hydrogen: energy of the future?

Hydrogen is seeing increasing interest from investors driven by European Union’s plans for renewable energy expansion

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