Candriam statement on its investments in Russia

First and foremost, our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people at this terrible and uncertain time. Candriam and its employees are deeply saddened by the events we are seeing unfold, and deplore the human tragedy this brings. No matter where we are in the world and no matter our heritage, ultimately this is something that affects us all.

Candriam has excluded Russian sovereign debt from its investible universe across its sustainable strategies for many years given the country’s violations of international law and its suppression of human rights and civil liberties domestically. Across its broader range of strategies, Candriam anticipated rising geopolitical risks related to Ukraine and Russia in early 2022 and reduced its exposure accordingly, halting all Russian investments across its entire investment platform on January 25.

Today, Candriam has almost zero exposure to Russia at around 0.002% of total AUM and will continue to reduce this exposure over time until total divestment is achieved.

We have also joined in the growing global support for Ukraine with a donation from the Candriam Institute for Sustainable Development to UNICEF to aid the Ukrainian people. This is in addition to a $300,000 corporate grant donation our parent, New York Life, has made to non-profit disaster response organizations addressing the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis. We will continue to explore what further contribution our employees can make to the humanitarian effort.

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