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    Money Matters Again 

    Remember money market strategies? They’re back!  Once the latest rate hike is incorporated, money market strategies can offer yields above 4%!  A record path and close to a record return in money market strategies since 2001.  Money market strategies have regained their popularity as central banks have hiked rates in their fight against inflation.  
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Nicolas Forest, Opinions

ESG, antidote to populism?

Last week, sitting comfortably on my sofa, I turned on the TV and stumbled upon the testimony of the Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani. I felt quite helpless in front of so much suffering and injustice.
David Czupryna, Highlighted, Opinions

European taxonomy: affirming green leadership

European Parliament representatives and member states have finally reached an agreement on the framework for the future European taxonomy of sustainable activities.

Time value, habit and lassitude

We are venturing further into unchartered waters. The ECB has announced that it may push short term rates further into negative territory and repurchase even more assets.

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