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We want to support you throughout the whole life of your portfolio. We consider your investment across the entire value chain, from strategic thinking to final reporting. This involves our economists, our asset allocation teams, our ESG experts, our managers specialising in specific asset classes, and our actuaries and professionals in the field of insurance and mutual insurance. We are committed to optimising your asset management and to supporting your development, with a particular focus on cost efficiency.

Practical example/Case study


Improve recurring accounting performance without degrading the solvency ratio and equity volatility.

Our proposal

AIncrease the duration of the sovereign portfolio and investment grade credit and invest in ESG-compliant private debt funds, offset by the reduction of a portion of the credit and equity portfolio that had the least attractive yields or the greatest downside risks.

Expertise mobilised

  • Taking into account the client's balance sheet and prudential regulations (solvency) when making investment decisions
  • Monitoring and projection of accounting income over several years
  • A range of private asset solutions with attractive returns and low volatility
  • The ability to integrate ESG aspects into any investment proposal

A wide range of investment themes

Our holistic approach to your investments, combining asset/liability matching, is particularly suited to core portfolio management and satellite strategies for performance and diversification.

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