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Geoffroy Goenen

Head of Fundamental European Equity Management

Geoffroy Goenen is Head of Fundamental European Equity Management.

He began his career in 1997 as a trainee in financial analysis, structured products and trading at Dexia Bank. Two years later he took on a role as a European Equity Fund manager at Candriam and became Head of Fundamental European Equity Management in 2011.

Geoffroy holds master’s degrees in law from the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium and in international law from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands.

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Equities, Geoffroy Goenen, Value vs Growth

The second step of the waltz

Despite a fairly significant rally beginning in October, European equity markets, battered by major outflows since the start of the crisis in Ukraine, recorded a correction over the year 2022 (-9.5%). Although European equities finished the year on a relative outperformance compared with the United States (-13.4%) and emerging markets (-15.1%)1, the year was still a source of concern for investors, who are now asking questions about what may arise in 2023.
Equities, Geoffroy Goenen, Value vs Growth

European markets or the three-step waltz

Since the beginning of the year, the European market – like its peers - has suffered a severe correction. Market participants are watching out for the low point, the green light that will allow the market to reposition itself for the long term.
Equities, Geoffroy Goenen, Value vs Growth

Value vs. Growth: what’s next?

As expected, the rise in long yields has speared a strong style rotation – see our article published in November 2021. Investor appetite for value stocks, coupled with significant profit-taking on growth stocks, has led to “value” companies outperforming their “growth” peers by almost 12% in January 2022So where are we now? And is “value” becoming “overvalued”?

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