Capturing the growth potential of structural trends

We have identified four long-term megatrends – Health, Environment, Technology and Demographics – that have a major influence on all geographies and all sectors, and a significant impact on a range of companies. We translate these into investment strategies that seek to make the most of each trend through scientific expertise and deep industry knowledge.


Rudi Van den Eynde
Head of Thematic Global Equity
Thematic approaches can uncover investment opportunities that go beyond sector and regional approaches. Our broad range of thematic equity strategies enables our clients to benefit from clear secular trends.


Pure and forward-looking

At Candriam, we want to make the most of each thematic opportunity with a pure and forward-looking approach. We apply a dedicated thematic screening to each thematic investment strategy. In most strategies, for a company to be eligible, we require a minimum revenue exposure to one or preferably several thematic subthemes. We select companies that are offering or developing promising solutions, companies that really make a difference.


Carefully-curated range of thematic global equity strategies

The Thematic Global Equity Team manages a multitude of strategies, focusing on innovative companies committed to the world of tomorrow. The team has identified strong secular trends and turned them into successful investment strategies dedicated to, amongst others, healthcare, technology, the environment, and societal challenges.


Building products dedicated to each theme

We offer a range of purely thematic strategies in international equities. Each investment universe is carefully defined, but can go beyond sector boundaries to encompass the entirety of the target theme, with little overlap between different strategies. This gives our clients the flexibility to select funds by theme or to build a multi-theme portfolio, depending on their needs.

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Growing & Ageing Population, Expanding middle class in Emerging Markets, Innovation & Technology, Climate & Environment,


years of experience in managing thematic equity funds 

High conviction investment process

The dedicated screening is key to each thematic global equity strategy. It allows the investor to benefit from the full exposure to his or her preferred investment theme. Each shortlisted company is analysed using our fundamental five-step equity framework. ESG criteria are embedded in each step of this framework.


Thematic relevance

The proprietary thematic screening enables us to construct an investment universe which represents the purest possible representation of the theme. Instead of a classic industry definition, our thematic screen framework allows us to discover opportunities across the entire value chain to fully capture the potential of each powerful trend we have identified.


Fundamental framework

Beyond the importance of the thematic screening, fundamental analysis is essential to successful stock selection. Thematic strategies utilise Candriam’s fundamental equity five-pillar framework, namely quality of management, underlying business growth, competitive advantage, value creation and financial leverage. ESG is embedded in our fundamental equity framework, at each step.


ESG integration

All of our thematic fundamental equity funds are classified as article 8 or 9 under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (EU SFDR). This means that we exclude companies active in controversial activities and those violating the UN Global Compact. It also means that we integrate each company’s ESG score on our Stakeholders and Business Activities Analysis in our fundamental framework and valuation model. The integration of ESG analysis into our fundamental process allows us to better understand the risks and opportunities associated with non-financial criteria[2].


[2] Article 8 funds promote, among other characteristics, environmental and/or social characteristics, without having a sustainable investment objective.

Article 9 funds’ sustainable investment objective is to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through specific targets as well as the integration of climate related indicators in issuer and securities analysis. The funds also aim to have long-term positive impact on environment and social objectives.







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Main risks on Thematic Equity Strategies

  • Risk of loss of capital
  • Equity risk
  • Currency risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Concentration risk
  • Derivative risk
  • Counterparty Risk
  • Emerging market risk

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