Asset Allocation, Nadège Dufossé

Anatomy of a US Bull market

The US market rally since October is exceptional compared to historical observations. Only once in the last 50 years, in 1989, has the S&P 500 Index risen in 15 of the last 17 weeks.
Bastien Dublanc, David Czupryna, Equities

Water: How to address the looming water crisis?

Water sustains not only human existence but the entire ecosystem. As the global population burgeons and climate change intensifies, bringing extreme water incidents from floods to droughts, the fragile balance between water supply and demand is increasingly strained.
Coffee Break

Coffee Break - Inflation still cooling

ECB President Christine Lagarde’s speech and preliminary February data on the euro zone inflation will help investors weigh the odds of the ECB cutting rates prior to the Fed.
Fabrice Sauzeau, Absolute Return, Fixed Income, Private Debt, Research Paper, Real Estate

Real Estate Private Debt: Time to Act?

Has commercial real estate reached its inflection point? With little transaction activity, price and index data are generated with a lag. Market prices can change much more rapidly than they can be aggregated and reported. Investors must rely on fundamental analysis and experience more than data to time the recovery.
Macro, Inflation, Emile Gagna

Euro zone: labour market still tight

As in the United States, the labour market is tight in the eurozone. However, the nature of the tensions is quite different.
Absolute Return, Monthly Coffee Break

All the yield in the world

Although the Federal Reserve slightly opened the door to rate cuts during the last quarter of 2023, the latest economic data points were solid, leading the Fed to indicate that rate cuts may come later rather than sooner.

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