Working at Candriam means respecting these key principles.

Candriam – named after our values.

Conviction and responsibility are two strong values championed by Candriam, even to the extent of forming the company name: Conviction and Responsibility in Asset Management. Our company has a strong culture and loyal workforce, with average seniority of nine-and-a-half years.

Candriam keeps its communications, both to clients and to staff, transparent. We say what we think, with no beating about the bush. That’s just one of the things clients like about us.

Candriam hoping to go global

Candriam is growing, not only in Europe, but further afield, where it is on a path of steady development. Our priority: retain the values – innovation, responsibility and expertise – that have been the cornerstone of our success.

My job is to oversee Candriam’s growth, while sustaining its culture.

In 2015, we recruited no fewer than 70 new hires. Based on our forecasts, that figure should increase over the next few years.

Candriam not only has offices in Belgium, France and Luxembourg (its 3 main sites) but also in 9 other countries, where more than 24 nationalities work together in a spirit of mutual understanding and respect.

The international aspect is more important than ever, given that we are now owned by New York Life Investments, one of the world’s largest life insurers, giving us a foothold in North America, LatAm and Asia.

Resolutely ambitious, our plans for international growth are a potent driving force for our teams.

We’re more than a job-provider, we’re a career-builder

Candriam is a company that offers a true career path. Indeed, market growth and the expansion of our activities are a guarantee of opportunities in all our business units.

Joining Candriam today means contributing to this strong growth in the years to come, in view especially of our international ambitions.

To recruit new talent, we use traditional recruitment resources such as our website, job-vacancy sites and headhunters, not forgetting social media: our vacancies are displayed on LinkedIn. Concurrently, Candriam is also gaining in visibility through the numerous press articles on the company. That’s why we get more than our fair share of unsolicited applications. That said, our best ambassadors remain our … staff!

At the job interview, the questions we put to applicants are designed to secure the profiles that best match our values. We are drawn to those who have demonstrated these values in their achievements. Candriam selects the best, as much for their skills as their personality. Ambition and humility are particularly valued by us, as they sum us up perfectly.