The context

Panama is losing more than 1 percent of its primary forest cover every year. Once a rich biodiverse forest, the project area was converted into pastoral agricultural land for intensive cattle ranching, destroying the existing ecosystem. 

The Project

The primary aim of the project is to reforest the 13,385 ha with mostly native tree species reestablishing a mixed tropical forest. The project areas are divided between several fincas (small-scale farms), which are all managed using the same forestry management plan. The project also establishes areas that are used for the fair production of organic cacao and sustainable timber; the forest management received FSC certification (Forest Stewardship Council), the cocoa production is UTZ certified. 

The Benefits

Thanks to its sustainable management, the project ensures biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration while providing opportunities to locals for sustainable livelihoods. All the 150 project employees receive a wage above the legal minimum, including health insurance and a pension fund. They also have optional benefits including life insurance, training and further education and for the poorest quarter of the local population, school fee subsidies are available through the project.


Sustainable income sources from sale of certified tropical timber, carbon credits, cocoa and seed materials


Environmental education programmes and training


150+ jobs created for locals in project operations, including scouting and fire prevention


113 160 teqCO2 mitigated over the project lifespan of 30 years


13 385 ha of land protected and restored by the project 


7.5 million+ trees planted to date