Team management

At Candriam, we approach our profession as asset managers with passion and enthusiasm. Our employees work as a team every day to help you reach your objectives, guided by the values at the heart of our identity: Conviction and Responsibility.

This teamwork is based on mutual trust among our employees, and between us and you, just as the players on a team combine their strengths and talents to achieve victory.


Combining long-term vision with tactical adjustments

Managing portfolios means putting our strategic convictions to work, as well as remaining vigilant at all times to adjust to market conditions and take advantage of tactical opportunities. It means combining our long-term vision with our responsiveness in order to constantly adapt to the changing field.


Shared values

The values that we hold on a daily basis are also those of athletes: fair play and respect on the playing field, as well as in our business relationships, team spirit and agility… This is why we partner with organisations that share this spirit, in football and hockey.


Our hockey partnership

The Association Royale Belge de Hockey (ARBH), and more specifically the Red Panthers, the women’s field hockey team and the Red Lions, the men’s team (2018 world champion, 2019 European champion and 2020 Olympic champion). 


Our football partnerships

The Forest Green Rovers FC (FGR) is a member of English League One, has a unique societal project, having been established as a model of sustainability in sport by the United Nations and FIFA.                    



The Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht (RSCA) is the most-decorated club in Belgium, with five European trophies, including the UEFA cup (1983).


Partnerships with meaning

With a presence in Belgium for more than 25 years, it was natural for Candriam to sponsor the Association Royale Belge de Hockey (ARBH) as a head partner in 2018. To support this sporting federation is also to support diversity in sport and young talents – a mission that particularly resonates with our commitments to supporting youth, to social inclusion, and to equal opportunity.

Being a partner of Anderlecht soccer club is - once again - in line with our Belgian roots and our ambitions for performance and excellence, just as this club is successful at national and international level.

Finally, we share with the Forest Green Rovers a vision of a more responsible world. This club founded in 1889 in Gloucestershire, in the United Kingdom, is strongly committed to supporting the ecological transition. It has been certified by the UN as the first club in the world with a neutral carbon footprint: a certified organic pitch, partial lighting of the stadium by solar panels, travel by electric vehicles or with carbon offsetting, vegan food for players and supporters, the Eco Park project, etc.

Having worked for more than 25 years to promote responsible and sustainable investment, it was a natural step to join with this club, also a pioneer in its field for its commitment to the environment.


We are proud to be partners of these organisations with whom we share the values of Conviction and Responsibility, as well as a societal vision, as illustrated in these short videos.

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