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Malgorzata Kluba, Rudi Van Den Eynde, Oncology, Equities

World Cancer Day 2023

And we would rather not have to go through this – which would mean we won the battle and cancer is curable.
  • Equities, Geoffroy Goenen, Value vs Growth

    The second step of the waltz

    Despite a fairly significant rally beginning in October, European equity markets, battered by major outflows since the start of the crisis in Ukraine, recorded a correction over the year 2022 (-9.5%). Although European equities finished the year on a relative outperformance compared with the United States (-13.4%) and emerging markets (-15.1%)1, the year was still a source of concern for investors, who are now asking questions about what may arise in 2023.

    Stay on Top of SFDR

    Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation (SFDR), mandatory ESG disclosure obligations, was introduced by the European Union to improve transparency in the market for sustainable investment.
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Asset Allocation, Covid-19, Nadège Dufossé

Reopening accentuates China’s strength

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Chinese Communist Party in July, Chinese equities are bouncing back
Asset Allocation, Covid-19, Thibaut Dorlet

Virus vs Vaccine - Again

A new wave of Covid-19 has washed across the world in 2021, with negative impacts on figures globally
Covid-19, Diliana Deltcheva, Fixed Income, SRI

Ignore Environmental Risks at your Peril

The pandemic of 2020 has clearly shown that we can no longer ignore the economic and social costs of unbridled environmental decimation.
Covid-19, Video

Real estate: a still appealing asset class?

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 lockdowns, real estate has continued to see inflows from investors, many of whom are searching for sources of income in the low interest environment.
Asset Allocation, Covid-19

Morning Comment

Every morning a new comment on the market situation.
Covid-19, Video, Anton Brender, Florence Pisani

H2 2020 economic outlook: there will be no “return to normal”

In order to combat the spread of the coronavirus, governments shut down entire segments of their economies, while also rapidly providing massive support packages. Despite the depth of the measures undertaken so far, they will undoubtedly be insufficient to put the global economy back on track in the short term.

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