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  • Money Market, Fixed Income, Pierre Boyer

    Money Matters Again 

    Remember money market strategies? They’re back!  Once the latest rate hike is incorporated, money market strategies can offer yields above 4%!  A record path and close to a record return in money market strategies since 2001.  Money market strategies have regained their popularity as central banks have hiked rates in their fight against inflation.  
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David Czupryna, Highlighted, Nicolas Forest, Outlook 2020, Patrick Zeenni

Our experts take the floor

Happy New Year! Now, what are our experts’ wishes for 2020?
Climate Action, David Czupryna, Highlighted, Outlook 2020

Decarbonising your portfolio, a must in 2020

Involving investors in the fight against global warming is a good thing. But, in practice, how do we "decarbonize" a portfolio? Explanations by expert David Czupryna (Candriam).
Highlighted, Johan Van Der Biest, Outlook 2020

Should we clip the wings of the FANGs?

No need to introduce the FANGs to anyone. You are probably one of the billions of people that use Google Maps©, Instagram©, Netflix© or Amazon© on a daily – or minutely? – basis.
Equities, Highlighted, Nadège Dufossé, Outlook 2020

Can 2020 turn out as well as 2019?

What can we expect for the financial markets after a year that saw (at the time of writing) positive performances for asset classes across the board?
Highlighted, Outlook 2020

Will mankind digest the plastic soup ?

The 'plastic soup', the several billions of tons of plastic invisibly floating below the surface of the ocean, is a metaphor much less tasteful than it sounds.
Brexit, China, Highlighted, Outlook 2020

Mergers & acquisitions, a good way of creating value in 2020?

Will the pace of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) run out of steam one day? This is a legitimate question for investors to ask, as the past 5 years have seen a heavy M&A dealflow, which has created significant value.

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