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How do we govern and implement

responsible investment? 


Candriam's Responsible Investment (RI) Transparency Report is now available on the PRI website and our own corporate website.

In 2006, Candriam Investors Group was one of the first signatories of the Principles of Responsible Investment, a United Nations-supported international network of investors representing 45 US$ trillion of assets under management. This leading global network is working to put the six Principles for Responsible Investment into practice.

The PRI Initiative supports signatories’ efforts in their implementation of the Principles for Responsible Investment through an annual reporting and assessment process. Reporting is one of the mandatory requirements for all asset owner and investment manager signatories. It falls under Principle 6 and is one of the commitments signatories agree to when signing.

At its core, the reporting and assessment process seeks to answer one simple question: How do you govern and implement responsible investment?

The reporting framework has been designed to achieve three main sets of objectives:

  • To ensure accountability of the PRI initiative and its signatories.
  • To encourage signatory transparency on responsible investment activities.
  • To provide tools to allow signatories to measure their own performance with objective indicators.

Last year, more than 800 institutions completed the PRI Reporting Framework.

Responses to the Reporting Framework are used to generate a number of outputs.

  • The RI Transparency Report shows signatory responses to all of the mandatory indicators in the Reporting Framework, as well as responses to voluntary indicators that the signatory has agreed to make public. These reports enhance transparency and encourage dialogue with signatories’ clients and beneficiaries. Consult Candriam’s RI Transparency Report
  • The Assessment Report, which remains confidential between the PRI and signatories, demonstrates how a signatory has progressed in its implementation of the Principles year-on-year and relative to peers across asset classes.
  • The PRI Report on Progress showcases the progress and activities of the signatory base as a whole, aggregating responses from signatories with practical case studies to illustrate their activities.