Multi-Asset Team

An experienced investment team

At Candriam, asset allocation is truly a matter of teamwork. The multi-asset team, which consists of 17 highly experienced professionals of the financial sector boasting long track records with both the team and Candriam, is responsible for the cross-asset research and the definition of the house view on asset allocation.

The strength of the multi-asset team is to rely on complementary expertise coming from benchmarked, flexible and systematic investment worlds.

Their key convictions and asset allocation views will result from the combination of in-depth fundamental in-house research and robust quantitative tools.

The team’s leadership role in the asset allocation process goes full circle during monthly investment committees attended by our CIO and our economic research, fixed income and equity management teams. Those meetings are the opportunity for all involved to gain from the asset allocation team’s strategic input and coordinate harmonious implementation where needed to best serve our clients.

Asset Allocation

Returns of different asset classes vary widely over time, and studies have shown that asset allocation decisions usually generate the lion’s share of a portfolio’s performance.

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Nadège Dufossé

Head of
Asset Allocation

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Stefan Keller

Asset Allocation Strategist

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Tristan Abet

Senior Fund Manager

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Michel Le Bras

Senior Fund Manager

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