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Candriam strengthens investment expertise with apppointment of five new fund managers

Candriam, a global multi-asset manager focused on sustainable and responsible investing, is pleased to announce the appointment of five new fund managers in response to continued investor demand for its product offering. They will all be based in Paris.

Candriam presents the first results of its Facial Recognition Technology Engagement Initiative

Candriam, a global sustainable and multi-asset focused investment manager, has published a one year update on its facial recognition technology (FRT) investor initiative, detailing engagement undertaken to address the human rights risks posed by the technology. Candriam, along with 20 other investors, including Aviva Investors, Domini Impact Investments LLC and Robeco, surveyed 15 companies involved in FRT to understand how these companies assess, manage, and mitigate human right risks.

Candriam supporta i consulenti finanziari nell'assistere le investitrici di alto profilo

CANDRIAM, gestore globale multi-asset con circa 150 mld di euro di AuM e una forte focalizzazione sugli investimenti sostenibili e responsabili, rafforza ulteriormente il proprio impegno nella formazione finanziaria e lancia il corso accreditato EFPA e riservato ai consulenti finanziari “Donne Investitrici e Consulenza Finanziaria. Oltre i luoghi comuni verso un luogo comune”. Il corso, della durata di 4 ore, sarà erogato online e/o in aula. A tenere il corso saranno docenti di Teseo, ente indipendente di ricerca e sviluppo di didattica applicata che dal 1999 opera nel campo della formazione nel settore degli intermediari finanziari.

Latest Insights.

  • Circular Economy, David Czupryna, ESG, SRI, Research Paper

    Investing in the Circular Economy. We are all plastic now.

    Perhaps like us, you are a bit frightened about all the news stories and the statistics – the plastic ‘eighth continent’ in the Pacific Ocean, using our natural resources more rapidly than they can be replaced.
  • Asset Allocation, Macro, Nadège Dufossé, Thibaud Marie-Regnault, Video

    Overloaded by the sheer number of forecasts at the moment?

    Despite this wealth of information – or perhaps because of too much information? – maybe you are still uncertain.  We can help you organize and develop your views, in a 20-minute video. Our economists and strategists will try to clarify the economic and financial risks.
  • Climate Action, Equities, ESG, SRI, Paulo Salazar, Galina Besedina, David Czupryna

    ESG in EM Equities: Knitting it all together

    25 years of experience in ESG, 25 years of experience in Emerging Markets Equities, and over 15 years of putting it all together. Doubling the Drivers of Performance : Historically, Emerging Markets have been the drivers of global growth. Times are changing - deglobalisation is the new trend – but EMs still are responsible for more than half of our global economic growth.
  • Asset Allocation, Nadège Dufossé, Outlook 2022

    Prepare for landing

    As we reach the halfway point in the year, global growth forecasts continue to be revised downwards and headwinds remain significant…
  • ESG, SRI

    Investors can positively influence the climate crisis

    Every day we are reminded of the sweeping impact of climate change. As a responsible investor, we have a key role to play in financing the transition towards a low-carbon economy ….we have a role in financing a transition that takes place in a just and equal way … and we can help control climate change.
  • Fixed Income, Nicolas Forest

    Global Sovereign Bond Yield - Catch them while you can!

    Recent rises in inflation -- to levels not seen in decades -- have negatively affected returns across most asset classes. Rate rises have been some of the steepest seen in many decades. In the current environment, as we move further into resolute central bank tightening, we may see a considerable cooling down in global economies.
  • Equities, Geoffroy Goenen

    European markets or the three-step waltz

    Since the beginning of the year, the European market – like its peers - has suffered a severe correction. Market participants are watching out for the low point, the green light that will allow the market to reposition itself for the long term.

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