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Kroum Sourov

Lead ESG Analyst

Kroum Sourov has been a ESG Analyst at Candriam since December 2018.

He began his career as an analyst for Goldman Sachs, then he worked for Barclays Capital, UBS and Mako Global. He worked as a Director in Sustainable Investment Management at Resus Investments in UK and Switzerland.He also worked in FX macro advisory & portfolio management at Salix Capital, UK.

Kroum holds a master’s degree in International Affairs specialisation Environment, Resources and Sustainability from The Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Sustainability in the age of the grey swan

Grey swan is an event that is possible and known, potentially extremely significant but considered not very likely to happen.
Outlook 2023, Kroum Sourov

Swan Lake. Full of Grey.

Exotic, almost magical and full of promise at first glance, investing in sovereign debt is often full of hidden depths and unexpected risks, just like Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.
Kroum Sourov, Highlighted, Outlook 2022

Sovereign Analysis: how did we survive this long?

Humans are not the apex predator, although we act that way. Nature may fight back and demonstrate how weak we really are. Our Sovereign Sustainability model,  designed for investment analysis, also offers holistic insights as well as numerical. Perhaps both our investments, and our future, come down to something quite simple --  Don't fight Mother Nature.

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