Every market movement represents an opportunity.

Gathering our alternative strategies into a common platform is a testimony of Candriam’s commitment to the asset class and a recognition of its potential benefits. We do believe liquid alternative segments have a key role to play in investors’ portfolios, in combination with more traditional assets, to provide robustness and risk mitigation.

We combine the rigor of a quantitative vision with the thoroughness of a conviction-based approach. This dual approach allows us to understand that an opportunity in a given context can be perceived very differently when circumstances change.

Our know-how is the result of our experience and track record. Knowing perfectly how our strategies behave, we are well placed to identify the best opportunities at all times. We have a long-term view and aim for consistent performance over time, within a framework of robust risk management.



Steeve Brument
Global Head of Alternative Investments
We are both quantitative and fundamental, looking at each position in detail to detect opportunity and reduce risk.



Seeking to take advantage of market inefficiencies  

Our approaches mainly involve building long and short positions on markets where we detect inefficiencies. We consider that all market phases – even the most difficult – present opportunities that can generate value.


Aiming to multiply sources of performance 

Our strategies seek to exploit various performance drivers to obtain optimal portfolio stability: index, stock or credit arbitrage, trend following, counter-trend management, pattern recognition… We favor portfolio diversification at asset class, geographical, sector, issuer, stock level, also combining long-term positions with tactical moves.


Deploying a universe of possibilities 

We have been managing absolute return strategies for more than 20 years. We are continuously fine-tuning our approaches and developing our risk monitoring tools, with the aim to propose innovative solutions that add value to our clients’ allocations and are adapted to their risk appetite and investment constraints.

Figures are worth a thousand words. 


year track record


selection criteria: Competitive advantage, firm culture, factor exposures, cost & structures


strategies in investment universe

Equity Long-Short 

Stock markets are characterised by often-unpredictable movements. Generating a steady rate of return can be uncertain and complex. In the face of uncertain equity markets, an approach with an Absolute Return objective can be an attractive alternative for the investor looking for a regular performance with limited volatility.

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Thematic Long-Short

At Candriam, we have led the way in sustainable investing for over twenty-five years. We also have solid experience in thematic investing and strong quantitative and fundamental capacities. These solid pillars are the foundations of our innovative perspective on ESG absolute return solutions.  

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Quant & Multi-Strategy

As part of our Multi-Asset toolkit, we seek to offer diversified approaches with an absolute return focus. These approaches aim to deliver consistent returns independently of market environments.

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External multi-management 

Our mission is to build all-weather portfolios aiming to deliver returns in up and down markets. We have access to a broad universe of managers across geographies, asset classes and strategies. When we engage with a manager, we aim for a long-term partnership grounded in mutual trust and transparency. Understanding the performance drivers of each manager is key, not only for manager selection but also to better assemble funds in an uncorrelated manner. If volatility is not an issue, hidden correlation may be.

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