ESG in EM Equities: Knitting it all together

25 years of experience in ESG, 25 years of experience in Emerging Markets Equities, and over 15 years of putting it all together.   

Doubling the Drivers of Performance

Historically, Emerging Markets have been the drivers of global growth. Times are changing - deglobalisation is the new trend – but EMs still are responsible for more than half of our global economic growth. 


Emerging Market economies represent the bulk of the global population and emissions

image71j26 (1).png

Source: IEA, as of December 2021

  • Paulo Salazar
    Head of Emerging Markets Equity
  • Galina Besedina
    Galina Besedina
    Senior Emerging Markets Equity Research Analyst, Portfolio Manager
  • David Czupryna
    David Czupryna, CFA 
    Senior Portfolio Manager

The incorporation of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into analysis is seen by investors to add value and enhance risk-adjusted returns.

Why not knit two performance drivers together to search for synergies?

Investing in emerging markets equity strategies carries the following key risks: Risk of loss of Capital, Equity Risk, Currency Risk, Liquidity Risk, Derivative Risk, ESG Risk and Emerging market risk.
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