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Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation (SFDR), mandatory ESG disclosure obligations, was introduced by the European Union to improve transparency in the market for sustainable investment.
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Investing in the Circular Economy. We are all plastic now.

Perhaps like us, you are a bit frightened about all the news stories and the statistics – the plastic ‘eighth continent’ in the Pacific Ocean, using our natural resources more rapidly than they can be replaced.

Next Stop: Biodiversity

Our planet’s biodiversity – the variety of species of animals and plants – is collapsing. Given that about half of the global GDP is highly dependent on nature, the consequences can be grave.
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Capital Goods companies: enablers of a low-carbon economy

Dull, boring, capital goods? Not at all! These companies are the next new thing in our Climate fight. As developers and providers of a wide range of components and automation products, capital goods companies develop the often un-seen products to reduce energy use and other sources of Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHGs).
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ESG in EM Equities: Knitting it all together

25 years of experience in ESG, 25 years of experience in Emerging Markets Equities, and over 15 years of putting it all together. Doubling the Drivers of Performance : Historically, Emerging Markets have been the drivers of global growth. Times are changing - deglobalisation is the new trend – but EMs still are responsible for more than half of our global economic growth.

Investors can positively influence the climate crisis

Every day we are reminded of the sweeping impact of climate change. As a responsible investor, we have a key role to play in financing the transition towards a low-carbon economy ….we have a role in financing a transition that takes place in a just and equal way … and we can help control climate change.
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Weapons manufacturing is not sustainable. No ifs or buts.

For many years, and with the gradual rise of ESG investing, investors have been excluding the defence sector from their investments due to the adverse nature of armaments which have often served to infringe human rights and led to devastating effects on human lives and the overall  well-being of society.

Mainstream ESG Investing: Failing to See the Forest for the Treesla

S&P recently removed Tesla from its ESG index, citing concerns around its lack of low carbon strategy and business conduct as well as involvement in controversial incidents. Specific issues around racial discrimination and poor working conditions at a Tesla factory were also cited.
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Creating tangible change

Lucia Meloni and Céline Deroux share their views about the changes we need to make in business and mindsets to reach a sustainable future.
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World Cancer Day: How PRISM is helping to Close the Gap

The Candriam Institute provides financial support to the PRecISion Medicine Institute. The PRISM technology aims to save an additional 200,000 lives each year by identifying the unique molecular characteristics of each patient's cancer. With this information, more targeted treatment can be applied at each step, improving survival rates.
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Pesticides and long-tail risks

In 2020, the largest manufacturer of glyphosate announced a $9.6 billion agreement to settle filed and future claims in US courts that the pesticide had caused health problems. In 2021, the judge said the amount was too small. Now that should catch some attention.
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Cryptocurrencies and ESG: a contradiction in terms?

For more than a year, markets – and investing Millennials in particular – seem unable to get enough of either ESG investments or cryptocurrencies.
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Facial recognition and human rights: Research Paper

It is estimated that one billion surveillance cameras are in operation[i]. The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) urge companies to respect human rights and correct abuses when they occur. They call on companies to conduct human rights due diligence to “know and show” they respect human rights through their own activities, and the activities directly linked to their products, services, operations, and through their business relationships.
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The New Sovereign Sustainability Model

Pricing Sovereign Sustainability: A community already exists within finance which is committed to adding value for investors, while collectively changing the world. Both we and the next generation deserve nothing less.

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