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Vivek Dhawan

Portfolio Manager / Client Portfolio Manager / Emerging Markets Equity Analyst

Vivek Dhawan joined Candriam in February 2021, acting as Client Portfolio Manager and Equity Analyst for the Emerging Markets Equity team. He became a Portfolio Manager in February 2022.

Born and raised in India, after finishing his education as an Marine Engineer  at the Jadavpur University in Kolkata, Vivek worked as an operations engineer in a shipping company in Mumbai, before leaving for Belgium, to pursue his MBA degree at the Vlerick Business School in Brussels in 2016. 

Since 2020, he also is a CFA Charter holder. The last 4 years, before joining Candriam, Vivek worked  for a Belgian asset manager, Value Square, as an analyst, covering emerging markets and combining a fundamental bottom-up and sustainable investing approach.

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