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Vincent Hamelink to become CEO of Candriam

We are excited to share that our CEO, Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, has been named CEO of New York Life Investment Management (NYLIM). Vincent Hamelink, CIO, will succeed him as CEO of Candriam. Renato Guerriero, current Chief Sales and Distribution Officer, has also been appointed as Deputy CEO in charge of Global Development and Distribution. All effective May 1, 2023.

Please join us in congratulating Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, Vincent Hamelink and Renato Guerriero on their new roles.

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I am immensely proud to pass Candriam’s leadership to Vincent Hamelink and Renato Guerriero, who have been instrumental in the company’s growth, developing an investment platform that has consistently delivered long-term returns to investors and accelerating demand for the Candriam brand.
Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, Chief Executive Officer of New York Life Investment Management (NYLIM)

Our values

“Conviction & Responsibility”: our core values since 1998.

Embedded in our name, Conviction AND Responsibility In Asset Management, these values have made our company what it is today. A firm that is led by conviction and is driven by a responsible approach to investing.



What is the conviction that has driven us since our inception?

Conviction means believing in the value of the work we do every day. Our mission is to deliver superior investment returns, solutions and service to our clients while managing our impact on society, the environment and all stakeholders.

It means trusting our expertise and our products and holding our people and practices to the highest standards. It also means challenging ourselves to never stop learning, leveraging different perspectives and recognising the importance of a global mindset to make the right decisions for our clients.


Responsibility is an essential value that we never compromise

We always prioritise our client needs and objectives. As long-term thinkers, we are deeply invested in the future success of our clients and people, and through our sustainable and responsible investment and business practices, we strive to be the best corporate citizen we can be for all our stakeholders.

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We believe in conviction and responsibility in asset management

Investing for tomorrow

Our engagement & voting activities

As a sustainable and responsible investor, engagement and stewardship activities are integral and indivisible components of our investment process. From voting at AGMs and having regular and constructive dialogues with our investee companies to leading and collaborating on industry-wide initiatives and setting our own policies, we strive to make a difference and invest for tomorrow.

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Our culture

Our culture is driven by people who care deeply about doing the right thing - and doing it sustainability. In our view that is a distinguishing feature of Candriam and shapes how we interact with each other and our investors. It makes us steer clear of risky short-term behaviour and it helps us anticipate influential trends. Importantly, it strengthens our commitment to be a reliable and trustworthy partner that is able to create long-term sustainable value for clients in a fast-changing world.

How's life at Candriam?

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 

It is our duty, not only as investors, but also as responsible citizens, to ensure that we continue to create value for all our stakeholders: our clients, our employees, our shareholders and the people in communities where we live and operate.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Our commitments  

Candriam is an investment company with sustainable investing at its core. We strive to walk the talk and hold ourselves to the same high standards we expect from the companies we invest in.

Candriam Institute for Sustainable Development 

Our ambition is to combine responsible investment and philanthropy in our daily work with communities to help build a society that leaves no-one behind.

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Candriam Academy: free online trainings for SRI 

Our belief that investment should be a driving force in the transition towards a more sustainable economy has led Candriam to develop a platform that gives everyone the opportunity to learn about sustainable investing.

To that end, CANDRIAM created in 2017 the Candriam Academy, the world's first free-to-access online training program on ESG investing. 

12,000 investors from 40 countries have already taken the course! 

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Sports patronage: our values on the field!  

We share the values that guide our teams on a daily basis with leading hockey and football clubs and federations.

Learn more about our partners and why we are proud to support their projects!


A little history


The roots of responsible investment at Candriam run deep. They date back to 1996, when only a few pioneers were interested in the subject. That year, Candriam launched its first  sustainable fund. Today, we are a global leader in ESG, managing more than €100 billion in ESG-related assets and offering over 30 sustainable strategy products covering all asset classes and global markets.

  • 1996
    First SRI strategy
  • 2000
    Launch of the Sustainable range
  • 2003
    Established proxy voting system
  • 2005
    Creation of in-house ESG research team
  • 2006
    Founding signatory of PRI
  • 2008
    First Emerging Markets Sustainable equity strategy
  • 2009
    Creation of ESG sovereign analysis
  • 2010
    ESG indexed strategies
  • 2015
    Launch of dedicated sustainability Lux SICAV
  • 2017
    Extension of ESG to new asset classes: Emerging Markets Bonds, High Yield & ETFs
  • Lancement de la Candriam Academy
  • 2018
    Launch of strategies without fossil energy
  • 2019
    Launch of oncology investing
  • Launch of strategy to protect our climate
  • 2020
    Launch of investing to promote a circular economy
  • 2021
    Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative
  • 2022
    Launch of strategy to support childhood development


Candriam is a subsidiary of New York Life Investments, a $650+ billion global investment company comprised of the asset management operations affiliated with our parent company, New York Life Insurance Company (New York Life). New York Life is one of the largest and oldest mutual life insurance companies in the United States. It has the highest credit ratings for financial strength currently assigned to any life insurer by the four major rating agencies, and has consistently paid annual dividends to its policyholders since 1854.

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My vision on financial services and, in particular, on asset management, is that our future should be one of Conviction and Responsibility
Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, CEO of Candriam and Chairman of New York Life Investments International

Our management team

  • Vincent Hamelink
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Fabrice Cuchet
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Renato Guerriero
    Chief Sales & Distribution Officer
  • Tanguy De Villenfagne
    Advisor to the CEO
  • Jean-Yves Maldague
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Nadia Tortel
    Global Head of Human Resources

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