Outlook 2020 - Has Calm Been Restored?

What does 2020 have in store for us?

This is THE big question you are all asking at the moment. This is also the question we are going to ask 20 of our specialists, throughout the month of December to help you with your investment decisions and share our core convictions with you.
Every day, we shall be presenting a key subject that matters to you.
Every day, we shall provide an answer.

Has calm been restored?

  • 2019 was marked by a significant slowdown in global growth.
  • Our scenario for 2020: no recession, despite a slowdown in economic activity in the US and in China and sluggish growth in Europe.
  • Although there are still grounds for uncertainty, their nature is likely to change: the election year in the US will be watched particularly closely.
  • Against this backdrop, our core convictions for our portfolios are as follows:
    • Overweight equities vs bonds;
    • Profitable investment themes over the coming months: value and cyclical stocks, certain emerging debt segments and gold as a core portfolio holding;
    • Mega trends should continue to outperform over the long term.
  • Selectivity, conviction and flexibility will be our watchwords throughout the year during 2020

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  • Vincent Hamelink
    Chief Executive Officer

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