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Charudatta Shende, Nicolas Jullien, Fixed Income, Research Paper

The Big Shrink – How to navigate High Yield markets?

High yield markets are shrinking. Do you know that they have contracted by 25% over the past two years? The ICE BofA BB-B Global High Yield Index has lost $654 million in value. In the meanwhile, investor demand for credit and high yield has rebounded at the end of last year.
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Update on Middle East Tensions

On April 13, Iran decided to strike Israel with 300 drones and missiles following an attack on its diplomatic compound in Syria. Regional escalation and oil price are at risk. This tail risk cannot be ignored. We are closely monitoring the unfolding situation.
Fixed Income

Positive view on EUR duration overall

February was marked by a strong investor preference for risky assets, with equities on both sides of the Atlantic performing well.
Diliana Deltcheva, Charudatta Shende, Emerging Markets, Fixed Income, Credit

Our 2024 Emerging Markets Debt Market Outlook

With 2024 underway, many bond investors are still wondering how the environment for Emerging Markets debt will differ from that of 2023.. Indeed, it looks more benign for Emerging Market Debt ….
Fabrice Sauzeau, Alternative Investments, Fixed Income, Private Debt, Research Paper, Real Estate

Real Estate Private Debt: Time to Act?

Has commercial real estate reached its inflection point? With little transaction activity, price and index data are generated with a lag. Market prices can change much more rapidly than they can be aggregated and reported. Investors must rely on fundamental analysis and experience more than data to time the recovery.
Fixed Income, Credit, Nicolas Jullien

Looking for uncorrelated returns and controlled volatility to navigate credit markets?

In recent years, new structural trends have emerged, such as the polarization of the world, the re-localisation of supply chains, and the fight against climate change. These new trends are leading to higher inflation and lower growth. This new paradigm is having a significant impact on the financial situation of companies, and therefore on investment in corporate bonds. This calls for strategic adaptation on the part of investors. Adopting a strategy that aims to deliver a performance independent of credit market trends would therefore appear to be an investment solution worth considering in this new environment.
Fixed Income

Huge supply at the beginning of the year

After two months of heavy exuberance in November and December last year, January 2024 was marked by moderation. Returns across fixed-income asset classes were mostly muted as investors dialled back the prospect of rate cuts in Q1 while supply was huge at the beginning of the year.
Patrick Zeenni, Fixed Income, ESG, SRI, Credit

A sweet spot for euro investment grade investors

After 2022, which covered the end of a decade of monetary policy loosening, 2023 has been the year of the repricing of the whole interest rate curve. The end of Central Banks’ "higher for longer" mantra supported a steepening of the yield curves and repriced real interest rates which are back now in positive territory, for the first time in close to ten years.
Q&A, Philippe Noyard, Patrick Zeenni, Nicolas Jullien, Fixed Income

A long/short credit with a long bias

We continue to discover interesting opportunities in the corporate bond universe. Philippe Noyard, Global Head of Fixed Income at Candriam, Patrick Zeenni, CFA, Head of Investment Grade & Credit Arbitrage, and Nicolas Jullien, CFA, Head of High Yield & Credit Arbitrage, explain how their approach aims to optimise the credit market’s potential with the objective of generating returns.
Fixed Income

Another upward move in US Treasury yields

Global equities fell for a third consecutive month in October and gold rallied against a backdrop of geopolitical risks, an under-pressure earnings season and a rising rates environment.
Money Market, Fixed Income, Pierre Boyer

Money Matters Again 

Remember money market strategies? They’re back!  Once the latest rate hike is incorporated, money market strategies can offer yields above 4%!  A record path and close to a record return in money market strategies since 2001.  Money market strategies have regained their popularity as central banks have hiked rates in their fight against inflation.  
Nadège Dufossé, Florence Pisani, Asset Allocation, Macro, Equities, Fixed Income, Outlook 2023

Candriam’s Outlook 2023

It's back-to-school time, and time for investment decisions... Will the US fall into recession?
Fixed Income

Softening leading indicators

Against a backdrop of volatile trading, August saw the return of a correlation between risk assets and rates...
Fixed Income, Pierre Boyer, Money Market

Money markets II: A new generation

If you were intrigued by our June comment on the return of the money markets (Money markets...
Fixed Income

Weak performances in European risky assets

June saw some weak performances in European risky assets and spread products, with European equities, high yield and IG corporates posting negative returns.
Nadège Dufossé, Thibaut Dorlet, Thibaud Marie-Regnault, Asset Allocation, Macro, Equities, Fixed Income, Outlook 2023

Candriam’s Mid-Year Outlook

As we reach the halfway point of the year, it seems that recession may be avoided on both sides of the Atlantic, but growth forecasts remain weak...
Fixed Income

A mixed picture

With equities performing the strongest over the month, the picture was rather mixed for fixed income asset classes, with no clear outperformance from any risky asset classes.

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