Building a sustainable and efficient working environment where each person can express their personality

Candriam has built itself around shared values – respect, commitment, anticipation and team spirit – which create trust and the desire to succeed together.

To perform well, it is essential to feel comfortable at work. The low turnover rate of our teams is a real source of pride and the well-being of our teams is a constant concern for management.

This is due in large part to the opportunities for growth offered. There are many such opportunities at Candriam to expand our employees’ perspectives and keep their motivation strong.

Getting to know you
You will meet a member of Human Resources who will introduce you to the company, its history, and the working methods of the team you would like to join. This is an opportunity to get to know you and discover your personality, your attitude and your goals, as well as their compatibility with the position in question and Candriam’s values.
Understanding the mission
At the same time as your HR interview, you will meet the manager in charge of recruitment to discuss the position you are applying for: the missions involved, the skills required and what we expect of you. Following this interview, you will be asked to complete a test that will help us to understand your way of thinking, gain a clearer sense of your skills and determine whether they are in line with our methods.
Keeping you informed of the advancement of the process and its completion, responding to your questions and remaining attentive to your feedback are integral to our approach. All throughout the process, we aim to advance steadily and maintain ongoing communication with you.


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Life at Candriam


Trust is essential.

Our business culture encourages the autonomy and accountability of each person. Trust and respect for others are at the heart of our values and our practices.

We strive for long-term excellence in all that we do: in the performance of our management and our services, our teams’ capacities and our relations with our clients. There is something very human about Candriam: this is our true wealth.



What drives us

Enabling our employees to develop their full potential. In teams, certainly, but also within our communities where you can take part in innovative, cross-business initiatives. We encourage all team members to express their convictions and share their feedback to continue to improve our actions and our business practices.

Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusive culture and global workforce in which diversity is valued

We are convinced that the diversity of teams and an inclusive working environment are essential to our success and growth, and make up the foundations of our culture, our values and our identity.

Specialists in sustainable investment, Candriam is deeply attached to diversity and inclusion within the businesses in which our managers invest. The integration and constant promotion of these values is one of our priorities.

Diversity & Inclusion committee

Made up of members reflecting the diversity of our organisation, the Committee is responsible for the implementation of a dedicated strategy in line with our CSR roadmap. In very concrete terms, the Committee defines, promotes and supports the implementation of transversal and innovative initiatives promoting inclusion. It also ensures the monitoring of objectives set by the Executive Committee to promote diversity and inclusion in all our entities. 

Diversity & Inclusion Brochure

Diversity Correspondent

He or she works in close collaboration with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Human Resources to provide comparative analyses as well as presenting information and questioning set objectives and achievements as necessary.

Diversity & Inclusion Charter

Inclusive communities

The creation of internal resources and inclusion are encouraged by “communities” that represent the diversity of our organisation. These cross-business initiatives offer its members an additional opportunity to contribute to innovation at Candriam

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

At Candriam, we are committed to creating a work environment in which all individuals are treated and treat others with respect and dignity. Everyone has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal employment opportunities and prohibits illegal discriminatory practices, including harassment, bullying, retaliation, explicit bias and discrimination.

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy


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