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Euro zone: labour market still tight

Macro, Inflation, Emile Gagna
As in the United States, the labour market is tight in the eurozone. However, the nature of the tensions is quite different. While nearly 25 million jobs were destroyed at the height of the pandemic in the USA, the existence of job preservation measures (and the introduction of exceptional measures) in most European countries (short-time working in France, Kurzarbeit in Germany, ERTE in Spain, temporary unemployment in Belgium, etc.) prevented as many jobs from being lost as in the USA (graph 1).
  • ESG, SRI, Climate Action

    Scope 3 emissions data: Handle with care

    In the vast subject of the challenges and difficulties of climate analysis from an investor's point of view, scope 3 emissions emerge insistently as one of the main stumbling blocks.
  • Macro, Inflation, Emile Gagna

    United States: job market still tight

    Wage trends, reflecting tensions on the labour market, play an important role in the formation of prices, particularly for services.
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