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Candriam Academy ESG Talks is an educational webinar series which will look at some of the most pressing economic, social and environmental issues of our time. The ESG talks are only available in English.

Event #2 – November 2020. ESG Regulation: From Paper Script to Tangible Change

For those who know the importance of EU’s ESG regulation but have not had the opportunity to dig into their words or the substance, we offer to playback the latest webinar of the Candriam Academy.

What are the specific objectives behind the rules? Driven by the European carbon neutral ambition, how will the regulations impact different sectors, as well as investors? Which areas will they limit and which will they boost? We invited regulatory and investment experts to enlighten you on these issues.

Member of the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance Professor Andreas Hoepner, Global Head of Sustainable Investment BNP Paribas Wealth Management Eléonore Bedel and Vice-President Sustainable Performance & Transformation Michelin Dominique Radal moderated by David Czupryna Head of ESG Development Candriam, discuss the principles and ideas behind the EU’s recent regulatory agenda having committed to a carbon-neutrality objective by 2050.

ESG Talk #2

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