Adaptative allocation

Our portfolios are conceived as core investments. Our Multi-Asset strategists and fund managers aim to add value by actively allocating between asset classes according to market opportunities. We combine medium-term strategic vision with short-term tactical adaptation. In making decisions, we integrate fundamental research on asset classes and analysis of market behavior, supported by our quantitative research. Seeking to build the optimal portfolio, we draw on all Candriam's research expertise and our managers' selection of bonds, equities and alternative strategies.

Nadège Dufosse
Global Head of Multi-Asset
We offer your access to Candriam's strongest convictions, integrated into a diversified portfolio tailored to your chosen risk level

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complementary sub-teams in an interdisciplinary multi-asset team


years of experience in multi-asset investing


asset classes : equities, bonds, currencies, alternative investments, commodities, derivatives

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Sustainable Multi-Asset Strategies

Being at the forefront of sustainable investment, we merge our unwavering commitment to both asset allocation and sustainability, crafting highly diversified, sustainable strategies. Our approach capitalizes on our pioneering in-house ESG scoring framework and our extensive ESG analysis resources.

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Flexible Multi-Asset Strategies

Our flexible multi-asset strategies aim to provide you with the opportunity to invest in a selection of companies that should benefit from powerful long-term trends. They are designed with the aim to help you navigate market cycles with resilience and effectively mitigate volatility.

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Quant & Multi-Strategy

As part of our Multi-Asset toolkit, we seek to offer diversified approaches with an absolute return focus. These approaches aim to deliver consistent returns independently of market environments.

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Latest analyses

  • Asset Allocation, Monthly Coffee Break

    Election uncertainties overshadow improving fundamentals

    2024 was already a key election year, with more than half of the world’s population going to the polls. French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to dissolve his own legislature in response to the European Parliament elections added to the list.
  • Asset Allocation, Nadège Dufossé

    Towards a new gold rush?

    The price of gold has risen by over 17% since the beginning of the year, making it one of the best-performing assets this year. After hovering between US$1,800 and US$2,000 in 2023, the price of gold surged in March and April 2024, rapidly reaching US$2,400.
  • Asset Allocation


    Markets got over the near-term consolidation, as both bottom-up and top-down elements were helpful: from a micro level, the Q1 earnings season was supportive on both sides of the Atlantic, following a stronger-than-expected global economy at the start of the year.
  • Asset Allocation

    Green shoots this Spring

    In our opinion, it is time to add cyclicity to the portfolio to benefit from an improving environment.
  • Asset Allocation, Macro, Equities, Fixed Income, Nicolas Forest, Nadège Dufossé, Emile Gagna

    Update on Middle East Tensions

    On April 13, Iran decided to strike Israel with 300 drones and missiles following an attack on its diplomatic compound in Syria. Regional escalation and oil price are at risk. This tail risk cannot be ignored. We are closely monitoring the unfolding situation.
  • Asset Allocation, Equities, Nadège Dufossé, Thibaut Dorlet

    Japan : Make or break

    Japanese equities have enjoyed a positive run since the start of the year (+20.8% performance to 27 Mar 2024 ), with the Nikkei recently hitting all-time highs, surpassing the peak of the 1989 bubble .
  • Asset Allocation

    March-ing on

    The transatlantic debate on central banks’ monetary policy has evolved to being just a question of timing and magnitude as the odds remain undoubtedly in favour of a soft landing.
  • Asset Allocation, Nadège Dufossé

    Anatomy of a US Bull market

    The US market rally since October is exceptional compared to historical observations. Only once in the last 50 years, in 1989, has the S&P 500 Index risen in 15 of the last 17 weeks.

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