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Despite constraints on both their human and financial capital, Small- and Mid-Sized companies (SMIDs) share similar business ambitions with their larger counterparts while competing for the same talent. They need talent to fuel their growth, yet that rapid growth can strain employees. Attracting and retaining talent, while simultaneously maintaining workforce productivity, poses a challenge.
  • ESG, SRI, David Czupryna, Circular Economy

    Beyond Fossil Fuels: Why Green Investments Are Still the Future

    After a challenging period for green investing, marked by rising interest rates, supply chain issues, and overcapacity, companies committed to building a sustainable world could remain an attractive long-term option for investors seeking both financial returns and positive impact.
  • Asset Allocation, Equities, Nadège Dufossé, Thibaut Dorlet

    Japan : Make or break

    Japanese equities have enjoyed a positive run since the start of the year (+20.8% performance to 27 Mar 2024 ), with the Nikkei recently hitting all-time highs, surpassing the peak of the 1989 bubble .
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  • Asset Allocation, Monthly Coffee Break

    March-ing on

    The transatlantic debate on central banks’ monetary policy has evolved to being just a question of timing and magnitude as the odds remain undoubtedly in favour of a soft landing.
  • Equities, Monthly Coffee Break

    Steaming ahead

    Global equity markets steamed ahead, after a hesitant start of the year.
  • Alternative Investments, Monthly Coffee Break

    “Should I stay or should I go”

    Since the market has incorporated the fact that there would be fewer rate cuts by the Federal Reserve and they would probably come later than expected at the end of 2023, core equity indices have continued to perform well in Northern America and Western Europe.
  • Fixed Income, Monthly Coffee Break

    Positive view on EUR duration overall

    February was marked by a strong investor preference for risky assets, with equities on both sides of the Atlantic performing well.

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