Global Health is a Megatrend

Enduring Growth

Aging populations and economic development are two of the powerful factors driving the take-up of Healthcare. While Covid is drawing attention today to public health, the global trend toward increased spending has been established for decades.

How do we identify investment opportunities within Healthcare?

 Our Q&A : Healthcare - A strategy in good shape


Healthcare is a Diverse Sector, with both Defensive and Innovative participants

While Healthcare spending is relatively resistant to economic fluctuations, equity valuations can fluctuate with technological breakthroughs and market psychology.
Ken Van Weyenberg, Client Portfolio Manager
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Some of our investment strategies focus specifically on innovative solutions. For this, our Investment Team consists of scientists, mainly PhDs in biotechnology and related areas, with financial training and experience, such as CFA charterholders and masters degrees in finance.

What has Candriam been saying about critical Healthcare topics such as tobacco use, mental health, cancer, and diabetes?

Our experts help you understand the issues

Rudi Van den Eynde
Head of Thematic Global Equity
Candriam has been investing in the HealthCare sector for over 20 years. We owe this success to our combined clinical and financial analysis, and most importantly, to the share experience and complimentary expertise of the women and men who make up the Investment Management Team

Double Impact: Supporting the Fight against Cancer

By investing in the strategy that selects companies developing solutions to fight cancer, you fund leading European associations in the fight against cancer and actively participate in cancer research. Candriam donates a portion of revenues to major European institutes dedicated to research in this field.

Meet Professor Fabrice André of the PRISM Project as he walks us through the development stage of an exciting new cancer treatment technology.

The CANDRIAM ‘Dual-Impact’ approach

Creating positive change

We play our part in Sustainable Finance by integrating ESG analysis across our full range and by offering a flagship range of Sustainable and thematic products that seek to deliver both financial and purpose driven outcomes.Our responsible approach to investing leads naturally to our philanthropic efforts.

Our actions are guide by four themes: 

ESG education & researchSocial inclusion & Community Environment Fight againt cancer 

Click here to learn more about the Candriam Institute

The Candriam Institute for Sustainable Development: We combine Responsible Investing with philanthropy in our work with communities to help build a society which leaves no one behind.

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