Seeking return without sacrificing sustainability

We focus on finding companies that can generate solid returns on equity over time and higher growth than the industry average. These companies are viewed through a multi-dimensional lens that integrates the entire value chain to select long-term winners.

Paulo Salazar
Head of Emerging Markets Equities
The structure of the emerging markets is fundamentally different from that of the developed markets. For our sustainable approach, our ESG process is designed to reduce the risk associated with the universe by filtering on corporate governance and analysis of company stakeholders.


Combining sources of performance

Our investment process combines integration of non-financial criteria, quantitative filtering of securities, fundamental analysis and bottom-up[1] selection of stocks. The consistency of our processes, the robustness of our stock-picking, and the relevance of our risk management all contribute to the quality of our strategies.


Adapting sustainability

For our portfolios, we systematically choose stocks with the best sustainability profiles. We have implemented specific ESG performance indicators for emerging markets to select companies with a focus on shareholder value creation while minimising, for example, the carbon footprint of our strategies. This is at the heart of our value proposition.


Capturing growth

We offer strategies that aim to capture growth in emerging markets by combining conviction and responsibility. Through their track record and robustness, they demonstrate the quality of our teams, the consistency of our investment process, and the effectiveness of the combination of management approaches in capturing sustainable growth in emerging markets.

[1] The bottom-up approach consists in selecting securities to build the portfolio independently of the macroeconomic vision, unlike the top-down approach, which firstly analyses the macroeconomic environment before then selecting securities from the preferred sectors and countries.

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years investing in Emerging Markets


years in Sustainable Emerging Markets Investing


sovereign sustainability ratings by the ESG team

Management with high growth potential

We rely on independent fundamental research to inform our convictions and guide our investment choices in companies that we believe stand out for their intrinsic qualities and sustainable growth potential.


Building performance

Our investment philosophy is based on four pillars: ESG integration, active fundamental management, sustainable growth (selecting companies that grow faster than the industry average) and structural growth: we want to select companies that are best placed to take advantage of structural trends – health and wellness, digitalisation and innovation, climate change, resource and waste management, demographics – as applied to emerging markets.


Reducing risk

Our portfolios are focused on companies where we have the strongest convictions. They are constructed to offer strong sector and country diversification. Stocks are ideally held for 3 to 5 years to take full advantage of the growth potential and potentially high returns offered by emerging markets. The robustness of our ESG process provides non-financial insight with the aim of capturing more value and reducing risks not identified by traditional analysis.



Realising opportunities

With over 20 years of expertise, our strategies have proven their robustness and ability to provide exposure to high-growth markets with strong historical returns and real diversification through diversification of holdings, without compromising ESG objectives.


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Main risks on Emerging Equity Strategies

  • Risk of loss of capital
  • Equity risk
  • Currency risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Concentration risk
  • Derivative risk
  • Emerging market risk
  • Risk on A-Shares (China)
  • Index provider risk
  • External factors risk

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