Capital Goods companies: enablers of a low-carbon economy

Dull, boring, capital goods? Not at all!

These companies are the next new thing in our Climate fight. As developers and providers of a wide range of components and automation products, capital goods companies develop the often un-seen products to reduce energy use and other sources of Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHGs).

What is Scope 4, emissions saved or avoided?

To tackle Climate Change, we develop new products and technologies to reduce GHGs. To evaluate their success, we can take a step beyond emissions as measured today -- Scopes 1, 2, and 3.

Enter Scope 4. How much benefit does a new product offer? That is, how much are emissions reduced if a company adopts a new technology, or system in its manufacturing process? This difference is termed Scope 4, emissions saved or avoided.

How do we measure Scope 4 emissions in the real world?

Of course it’s always more difficult in practice than in theory. For some answers and current best practices, delve into our White Paper on capital goods companies!

Research papers

Emissions Saved and Avoided: Capital Goods

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