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Vincent Compiègne

Deputy Global Head of ESG Investments & Research

Vincent has been Deputy Head of ESG Investments & Research at Candriam since 2019. He joined the firm in 2017 as a Senior Analyst in the ESG Investments & Research Team.

Vincent has worked in the financial services industry since 2007, including at AXI IM as an SRI Analyst for the Transport and Industrial Goods sectors, where he monitored the development and follow-up of green investments, including AXA Group and AXA IM’s Green Bonds. He also worked at ERAFP, France's first 100% SRI pension fund, and at Bloomberg.

Vincent holds a Masters 2 in Economics and Finance from the Sorbonne (France)

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Research Paper, ESG, SRI, Dany da Fonseca, Vincent Compiègne, Patrick Zeenni

Beyond the Green Bond?

Based on our long-standing views of the financial benefits of sustainability, we integrate some level of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factor analysis across all our investment processes, and particularly for our sustainable investment strategies.
Q&A, ESG, SRI, Thomas Joret, Vincent Compiègne, Jean-Claude Tamvakis, Nicolas Jullien

Improve the ESG profile of your High-Yield investments

For the portfolio management team in charge of the Global High Yield strategy, made up of Philippe Noyard, Global Head of Credit, Nicolas Jullien, CFA, Head of High Yield & Credit Arbitrage and Thomas Joret, Senior High Yield Fund Manager, combining their 20 years’ expertise in High-Yield bond investment with ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) analysis, represented by Vincent Compiègne, Deputy Global Head of ESG Investments & Research, has the potential to outperform significantly over the long term.
Outlook 2023, Vincent Compiègne

Private Debt & ESG: small companies, big (data) challenge

ESG data – its availability, relevance and comparability - is at the center of a wide industry debate which is even more lively for private markets. We discuss three ways to deal with this issue, and reemphasize the central role of due diligence in the ESG analysis process.

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