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Maïa Ferrand

Co-Head of External Multi-Management

Maïa Ferrand has been co-head of external multi-management at Candriam since 2007.

Maïa was first hired by Crédit Commercial de France in 1986 as a market maker in currency options. In 1990 she joined Crédit Agricole as market maker, moved to New York and became there global head of currency options two years later. She was hired  in 1995 by Lehman Brothers  in London as Managing Director, following the European shift of currency options. She then moved to Crédit Lyonnais Americas in 1997 as the Global Head of the activity where she set up a worldwide currency option desk.  Maïa joined  Candriam in 2001 and took her current role as Head of External Multimanagement in 2007.

Maïa holds a master in econometrics from the University of Paris Panthéon-Assas and a degree in European fine arts from Christie’s Education in the UK.


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Outlook 2023, Maïa Ferrand, Jean-Gabriel Nicolay

Multi-management: how can several voices sing in harmony?

In The Marriage of Figaro's Act III sextet, six voices reach harmony while singing their individual part. We find a parallel with the multi-manager’s mandate: aiming to select the best performers in each category, knowing each fund inside out including the conditions in which they may perform best, and building a unique portfolio seeking to deliver alpha in any given market regime.
Outlook 2023, Maïa Ferrand, Jean-Gabriel Nicolay

Impact: to create real and quantifiable impact, what else than investing with soul?

​What differentiates good music from excellent music? Maybe not the talent or the technique of each individual musician, but the soul that emanates from the ensemble. In our approach to impact investing, purpose and intention are primary. We invest with the aim to bring positive change in environmental and social areas. And we make sure our results are real.

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