Growth at the heart of our portfolios

Our equity investment approach is based on four essential pillars

  • Fundamental analysis to identify companies that may offer attractive growth potential at a good price
  • ESG factors embedded in our fundamental analysis and valuation exercise
  • Highly experienced equity fund management teams with a proven track record
  • Proprietary research that we constantly seek to improve, integrated at every step


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Highly qualified investment professionals

European Equity Management

Our primary value lies in our team -- in the diversity and complementarity of our strengths, in our discussions to challenge investment ideas, and in the strong discipline in each action taken by our investment team. Together, we manage high-conviction strategies that seeks to offer high long-term returns and short-term consistency.

European equity

Thematic Equity Management

Candriam, as a pioneer in ESG investing, was one of the first market participants to offer a range of long-term thematic investments driven by megatrends. Our dedicated team manages several thematic global equity strategies with a proven track record, combining Candriam's long experience in both thematic investing and ESG analysis.

Thematic Equity Management

Emerging Market Equity Management

We have the right specialists... Those who combine financial and thematic expertise with a deep understanding of the companies they invest in. Above all, these specialists know how to create a collaborative approach and a solid process out of diversity, which has proven itself over the 25 years we have been investing in emerging markets companies. We use a mix of fundamental and ESG approaches to provide our clients with investment strategies that aim to capture emerging markets growth while seeking to minimise risk.

Emerging Market


Absolute Return Equity Management

Stock markets are characterised by often-unpredictable movements. Generating a steady rate of return can be uncertain and complex. In the face of uncertain equity markets, an approach with an Absolute Return objective can be an attractive alternative for the investor looking for a regular performance with limited volatility.

Absolute Return Equity Management


Quant Management

Our Quant approach aims to capitalise on the growth potential of equity markets by investing based on an exclusive analysis of ESG criteria, company fundamentals and risk measures. This combination of ESG-focused and quantitative approaches is unique to us. More than 20 experienced ESG and Quant specialists work hand in hand, sharing the same location and philosophy.



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