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Long-Term Active Ownership

ENGAGEMENT and VOTING play an important role in communicating our core values to the company in which we invest on behalf of our clients – promoting three conviction topics as priorities, namely : Energy transition, Fair working conditions, and Business ethics.

Stewardship Activities: 

In 2021, we continued our journey to foster shareholder value through stewardship and to safeguard the interests of all Candriam clients, in line with our investment philosophy

Discover the 2021 annual reports detailing our Voting and Engagement activities : 

  • 2021 - Voting Annual Review

    Candriam believes that exercising our voting rights is a core element of our Conviction and our Responsibility as an asset manager. Voting is thus fully embedded in our sustainable strategy.

  • 2021 - Engagement Annual Review

    Covid-19 remained a leading topic in 2021 as its effects spread across economies and societies. The prevalence in individual dialogues of Social topics, especially related to direct and indirect employees such as subcontractors or suppliers, is not accidental

What does Stewardship mean for Candriam?


Engagement Case Studies

Responsible investors need to act as stewards in the governance of businesses in which they invest.

Read true stories about how active engagement with companies on ESG issues can lead to big positive changes.

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Pourquoi des investisseurs voteraient-ils contre une résolution sur le climat ?

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