Values driven investors put ESG at the heart of thematic investment

Research has shown that value-driven consumers represent over half the population. This is revolutionising the markets, and has been one of the key drivers that crowned ESG the future of investing.

Thematic approaches have allowed investors to capture a variety of emerging trends that make “the new normal” of the modern economy. Transcending traditional sectors, it can often help access powerful trends that are more in line with an investor’s personal interests – healthcare, climate change, robotics or the circular economy.

However, with more and more investors becoming value-driven, we believe that looking at opportunities through a more thoughtful ESG lens will be the next step in the evolution of thematic investment. It will also uncover a more exciting, sustainable investment universe.

Considering externalities and positive and negative impacts as part of a thematic process, should allow investors to take advantage of growth areas in the market while also progressing towards clear ESG objectives.

In this paper, you will found out:

  • How combining material ESG factors with sustainability-based investment thematics can align your portfolios with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • What impact this has had on performance
  • The effects of taking a multi-faceted approach of taking into account the operations of investee company, as well as their products


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