ESG, SRI, Climate Action

Scope 3 emissions data: Handle with care

In the vast subject of the challenges and difficulties of climate analysis from an investor's point of view, scope 3 emissions emerge insistently as one of the main stumbling blocks.
Patrick Zeenni, Fixed Income, ESG, SRI, Credit

A sweet spot for euro investment grade investors

After 2022, which covered the end of a decade of monetary policy loosening, 2023 has been the year of the repricing of the whole interest rate curve. The end of Central Banks’ "higher for longer" mantra supported a steepening of the yield curves and repriced real interest rates which are back now in positive territory, for the first time in close to ten years.
Maïa Ferrand, ESG, SRI

Investing in Natural Capital: Challenges and Opportunities

Defined as the “stock of renewable and non-renewable natural resources (e.g.,plants, animals, air, water, soils, minerals) that combine to yield a flow of benefits to people” by the Natural Capital Coalition, natural capital is at the source of everything that surrounds us.
Climate Action, ESG, SRI

COP28: Realistically optimistic?

COP28 ended with a final statement that can be considered historic, mentioning for the first time the need to transition away from fossil fuels. However, this landmark deal should be considered as the start of a more ambitious journey, that will remain dependent on governments’ ability to step up their commitments and action.
ESG, SRI, Climate Action

COP28: final countdown on climate ambitions

As the COP28 kicks off at the end of the month in Dubai, we are paying close attention to this highly anticipated event, albeit mixed expectations.
Fabrice Sauzeau, ESG, SRI

New pension regulations: what conversations are underway?

One clear conclusion is that pension fund-related institutions which have not yet embraced ESG will find themselves suddenly launched two squares forward on the chessboard, as they rush to integrate ESG into the overall governance of how they manage or administer pension assets and plans.
Research Paper, ESG, SRI, Marouane Bouchriha, Article

Green Innovations: Biofuels

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been yet another wake-up call for our need for energy independence. While Europe's reliance on Russian gas was evident, Russia is also one of the largest oil producers, exporting half of its production to Europe before February 2022.

Stay on Top of SFDR

Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation (SFDR), mandatory ESG disclosure obligations, was introduced by the European Union to improve transparency in the market for sustainable investment.
Research Paper, ESG, SRI, Cemre Aksu, Lucia Meloni, Article

The State of pay: ESG metrics in executive remuneration

Publicly-traded companises have begun to incorporate ESG performance metrics into their executives’ compensation packages as part of efforts to increase transparency on their accountability vis-à-vis shareholders.
Philippe Noyard, Q&A, ESG, SRI

Improve the ESG profile of your High-Yield investments

For the portfolio management team in charge of the Global High Yield strategy, made up of Philippe Noyard, Global Head of Credit, Nicolas Jullien, CFA, Head of High Yield & Credit Arbitrage and Thomas Joret, Senior High Yield Fund Manager, combining their 20 years’ expertise in High-Yield bond investment with ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) analysis, represented by Vincent Compiègne, Deputy Global Head of ESG Investments & Research, has the potential to outperform signifi cantly over the long term.
Alix Chosson, Marie Niemczyk, Climate Action, ESG, SRI

On the Green Brick Road to Net Zero: Candriam’s Climate Strategy

Our climate is changing faster and faster, bringing our world closer to disastrous social and economic consequences every year. We are reaching the tipping point on every planetary boundary, meaning that at the current pace, we will reach a point of no return in this decade, threatening the future of both our planet and mankind.
ESG, SRI, Lucia Meloni

Candriam's view on ESG in the banking industry

As the March drama unfolds, it might help us to remember the long road that banks have travelled, and the path ahead. Those paths are very different on either side of the Atlantic.
ESG, SRI, Marie Niemczyk, Alix Chosson, Article

Is Biodiversity an investment issue?

Investors who fail to consider biodiversity in their portfolios increase the global problem, in turn reducing the growth potential and increasing the risk to their own investments. These two connected systems chase each other in a downward spiral.
ESG, SRI, Kroum Sourov, Sovereign Sustainability, Research Paper, Wim Van Hyfte

Sustainability in the age of the grey swan

Grey swan is an event that is possible and known, potentially extremely significant but considered not very likely to happen.
Q&A, Equities, ESG, SRI

Sustainability - Quality - Engagement

Laurent Milliat, Senior Fund Manager, explains how a sustainable strategy invested in European equities meets investor needs whilst also seeking to offer both f nancial and non-f nancial value.
Circular Economy, David Czupryna, ESG, SRI, Research Paper

Investing in the Circular Economy. We are all plastic now.

Perhaps like us, you are a bit frightened about all the news stories and the statistics – the plastic ‘eighth continent’ in the Pacific Ocean, using our natural resources more rapidly than they can be replaced.

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