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Fabrice Sauzeau

Deputy Head of Pension and Insurance Relations

Fabrice has been Deputy Head of Pension and Insurance Relations since 2022. He joined Candriam in 2012 where he has performed a broad range of financial engineering functions, including tailored investment solutions and liability driven investments for insurers and pension fund clients, and design of innovative investment strategies.

Fabrice began his career in 2009 as an actuary within the financial oversight department of Alstom’s pension funds.

Fabrice holds a Master’s degree in Management from the ESSEC business school and certified as an actuary from ISUP at the Sorbonne.

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Fabrice Sauzeau, ESG, SRI

On the road to sustainable Solvency II

While these objectives are laudable, there are methodological obstacles. The initial objectives of Solvency II were harmonization, financial stability and policyholder protection. The text had therefore been conceived as a risk-based regulation, based on the valuation of the balance sheet on a mark-to-market basis and on capital requirements calibrated using Value at Risk (VaR) with a confidence level of 99.5%.
Fabrice Sauzeau, Alternative Investments, Fixed Income, Private Debt, Research Paper, Real Estate

Real Estate Private Debt: Time to Act?

Has commercial real estate reached its inflection point? With little transaction activity, price and index data are generated with a lag. Market prices can change much more rapidly than they can be aggregated and reported. Investors must rely on fundamental analysis and experience more than data to time the recovery.
Research Paper, Fabrice Sauzeau, ESG, SRI

New pension regulations: what conversations are underway?

One clear conclusion is that pension fund-related institutions which have not yet embraced ESG will find themselves suddenly launched two squares forward on the chessboard, as they rush to integrate ESG into the overall governance of how they manage or administer pension assets and plans.

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